International swine activities

A significant part of Genes Diffusion's swine business is done internationally through its foreign subsidiaries located in Spain, Poland, the United States of America, Brazil and in Asia (notably China...).

At the heart of the main production centers, GenePro is close to its customers.


Commercialization of swine AI equipment and consumables via its US subsidiary GenePro

Specialized in the manufacturing of Artificial Insemination and reproduction equipment, since 2015, GenePro has strengthened Genes Diffusion Group's swine business on the North American Territory by distributing consumables and equipment for swine reproduction. GenePro is Genes Diffusion's second affiliate located in the USA.

Supported by Genes Diffusion's expertise, GenePro is the ideal partner on the North American market providing new products and solutions to the swine AI industry (Elixir, Intellimate, Safemate,..)and offering a variety of services specific to semen production and studs (quality control consulting, distribution of analytical qPCR kits for swine and Elisa tests for poultry, swine and cattle).

The collaboration with GenePro has also opened new perspectives for international development (Europe, South America, Asia,..) via the sales of swine AI equipment and consumables, through GenePro Brazil for example. In Asia, within the main production basin, GenePro reaches its customers via a distribution network. GenePro is able to cover the main high pig density areas in China where the development potential remains large with the presence of more than 36 million sows.

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Semen production in Europe and North America:

With boar studs producing fresh or frozen semen in Poland (Shiuz Bydgoszcz) and in the USA (GD USA), the group has implemented partnerships with the key industry stakeholders and a strong presence on the field in order to produce and sell semen internationally.

Semen export:

Gènes Diffusion has accrued years of experience in exporting swine semen, either fresh or frozen : Africa (Burkina Faso, La Réunion,..), America (Brazil, Canada), Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam), EMEA (Israel), Europe (Spain, Italy,…), Oceania (New Caledonia,..). These exports are made directly through partnerships with foreign customers or in collaboration with the French swine selection systems.

GP Star

Technical service and support for AI studs:

With Genes Diffusion's expertise recognized for many years already, GenePro can provide the required technical support to boar studs, with the GP Star program (STAR = Support Training Audit Resolution).